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/* zgv 5.7 - GIF, JPEG and PBM/PGM/PPM viewer, for VGA PCs running Linux.
 * Copyright (C) 1993-2003 Russell Marks. See README for license details.
 * zgv.h - constants, typedefs.

#define ZGV_VER         "5.7"

#define _PIC_OK                0
#define _PICERR_NOFILE        -1
#define _PICERR_NOMEM         -2
#define _PICERR_BADMAGIC      -3
#define _PICERR_NOIMAGE       -5
#define _PICERR_CORRUPT       -7
#define _PICERR_SEE_ERRMSG    -8
#define _PICERR_ISRLE         -9
#define _PICERR_BADXCOL       -11

/* not a real error, but used internally by readgif.c */
#define _PICERR_NOMORE        -12

/* macro often used to close input file and return an error from above */
#define CLOSE_AND_RET(x)      do { fclose(in); return(x); } while(0)

/* size of error message buffer used by read{jpeg,png}.c */

/* required by the PCD support for an unsightly kludge. OTOH, there
 * isn't an obviously nicer way to do it. :-/ The value must be
 * something other than 0, 1, and -1.
#define PIC_INCR_RELOAD_KLUDGE      42

typedef struct
  int width,height;
  int bpp,numcols;

typedef void (*hffunc)(int,int);

typedef unsigned char byte;

extern int idx_light,idx_medium,idx_dark,idx_black,idx_blacknz;
extern int tagview_mode;
extern int zgv_ttyfd;
extern int has_mouse;
extern char jpeg_png_errmsg[];
extern int fs_vgamode;        /* needed by msgbox() and helppage() */

extern void file_details(char *filename,int w,int h,int *need_redraw_ptr);
extern void wait_for_foreground(void);

/* make 15/16-bit colours, used in a few different places */
#define GET15BITCOLOUR(r,g,b) ((((r)&0xf8)<<7)|(((g)&0xf8)<<2)|((b)>>3))
#define GET16BITCOLOUR(r,g,b) ((((r)&0xf8)<<8)|(((g)&0xfc)<<3)|((b)>>3))

/* range check on width and height as a crude way of avoiding overflows
 * when calling malloc/calloc. The maximum we can allow is around 37000,
 * but 32767 at least makes it consistent with xzgv. :-)
 * Adds an extra 2 to height for max-height check, as we usually allocate
 * 2 more lines to allow for dithering.
#define WH_MAX    32767
#define WH_BAD(w,h)     ((w)<=0 || (w)>WH_MAX || (h)<=0 || ((h)+2)>WH_MAX)

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